Studying How Insects Fly

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These things are by no means the limit of his work. During his career he was the first to use an incubator for premature infants. He improved on the understanding of the Fick principle by developing methods of measuring cardiac output using nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide in respiratory gases. His instruments for measuring gases in fluids made the measurement of blood gases possible.

He developed a means to identify specific types of lab animals that were best suited for various experiments. He was one of the first scientists to use statistical analysis and he was one of the first to promote the need for reproducibility of experiments. He wrote scientific papers covering a wide range of subjects, including:

On the composition of the air in the tracheal system of some insects.
Ethyl urethane as a narcotic for aquatic animals.
Physiology of the blue whale.
The dust problem in museums and how to solve it.
A roundabout for studying sustained flight of locusts.

Perfusion Theory is an educational platform for the Oxygen Pressure Field Theory (OPFT). August Krogh’s theoretical concept of the oxygen pressure field is explained and then applied to clinical applications in perfusion practice.

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